MOJO  Trail Rides Guide

Required for any group ride
____        No alcohol or illegal substances before or during a ride
____        Valid driver’s license
____        Vehicle insurance meeting state minimums
____        Current vehicle tag
____        Operable seat belt for driver and all passengers
(child safety seat or booster seat for children younger than 8 years {O. C. G. A. ₴ 40-8-76})
____        GRMS Channel 22  (462.7250)
_____  Trash bag or trail bag to pack out what you bring in.

____        Required personal medications
____        Full fuel tank at start

Required for  STOCK GROUP
Above items and:
____        Front and rear tow points
____        Snatch/tow strap
____        Fire extinguisher (2-1/2 lbs dry chemical ABC rated minimum)
____        Basic personal essentials (water, food, toilet tissue, etc.)

_____  MT or a good AT tires are highly suggested. Street tires  will make a long day for the poor Jeeper that has to drag you out in the winter and wet weather.

Above items and:

____        33” Tires or larger , or Stock Rubicon with MT tires and lockers
____        Winch is suggested but not required

Above items and:

____        37” Tires or larger , or 35” and lockers
____        Winch

Ride Leader items
All required items
____        Trip plan
____        Maps/GPS
____        Alternate routes
____        First Aid Kit

Tail Gunner items
Appropriate required items
____        Knowledge of the route and alternates
____        Maps/GPS

____        First Aid Kit

Suggested items

____ Jumper cables                  ____ Axe or chain saw
____ Shovel
____ Snatch block
____ Portable air compressor
____ Rags or paper towels
____ Extra serpentine belt
____ Extra jacket

Basic Tool Kit
• Complete Socket Set with SAE (standard) and Metric with 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives.  Deep and standard sockets.
• Crescent, open end combination box wrenches SAE (standard) and Metric
• Allen Wrenches
• Torx sockets
• Standard & Phillips screwdrivers, large, medium, small

First Aid Kit
• Activated Charcoal (use only if instructed by Poison Control Center)
• Adhesive Tape
• Antiseptic Ointment
• Alcohol swabs, individually wrapped
• Band-Aids (assorted sizes)
• Blanket
• Cold Pack
• Disposable Gloves
• Gauze Pads and Roller Gauze (assorted sizes)
• Hand Cleaner
• Plastic Bags
• Scissors and Tweezers
• Small Flashlight and Extra Batteries
• Syrup of Ipecac (use only if instructed by Poison Control Center)
• Triangular Bandage
• Burnaid gel
• Snake Bite kit
• Disposable emergency blanket
• Instant Cold pack
• Instant Hot pack
• Medications:
Anti-diarrhea medication, Tylenol ( fever reducer), Ibuprofen (Nuprin, Motrin, Advil) inflammation reduction, sprains bruises, etc, Benadryl for mild allergic reactions, Epinephrine in the form of an Epi Pen to treat more serious allergic reactions that might otherwise be fatal.