Drinking and driving do not mix.

Alcohol or controlled substances is forbidden for driver and passengers while trail riding.Violation of this will result in immediate suspension of membership !

Required Vehicle Equipment​​​​​​​

  1. Street legal Jeep
  2. Licensed driver. If under 18 a parent or guardian must be present.
  3. Proof of Insurance
  4. Safety belts (one for each occupant)
  5. Tow strap  (looped ends only NO hooks)
  6. Roll Bar or Steel Unitized Factory Roll Protection Structure
  7. Front and Rear tow points (or suitable attaching point) – A strap around a bumper is NOT an adequate tow point

Recommended Equipment​​​​​​​

  1. Fire Extinguisher (1A10BC Dry Chemical)
  2. Basic First Aid Kit
  3. GMRS radio (Highly Recommended) Channel 22 or 462.725 is club frequency
  4. Front sway-bar quick-disconnects
  5. Trash Bags
  6. Basic Tool Kit
  7. Tire Repair Kit
  8. Tire Pressure Gauge
  9. Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes

Trail Ride Tips & Etiquette

  1. Give your Jeep a safety and mechanical check before leaving home.
  2. Fuel up and be ready to go before the ride start time !
  3. Keep an eye on the Jeep behind you. If it falls out of sight or seems to need help, slow down or wait and inform the Jeeps in front of you that they need to do the same. You can use the radio or if you don’t have one honk your horn. This applies for on the trail as well as on the highway when traveling in a group.
  4. If you are falling behind and need the Jeeps ahead to slow down or wait give a holler on the radio or honk your horn if you do not have a radio.
  5. Feel uncomfortable about an obstacle? Let someone know and we will get someone to spot you. If you are asked to spot someone but are not sure what line they should take ask for help from the trail leader. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bypass or being winched to get past an obstacle.
  6. Give the vehicles around you plenty of room to maneuver on the trail. Do not tailgate. If the vehicle in front of you is going up/down a steep hill climb wait until they are at the top/bottom before you start your turn.
  7. Vehicles on our rides range from highly modified with experienced drivers to completely stock with brand new drivers. The amount of time and help different vehicles will need getting over some of the obstacles will vary greatly. Always be helpful and patient.
  8. Be courteous on the radio. Remember that some people will have their kids with them who can hear the talk as well.
  9. Use the radio to let the Jeeps in back of you know when there is oncoming traffic on the trail. If there is not enough room for them to pass let the Jeeps behind you know whether the other vehicles are pulling over to let us by or if we need to pull over to let them by.
  10. Do not litter. If you pack it in, pack it out. This includes cigarette butts.
  11. Dogs are welcome on the trail if they are behaved and controllable. Be sure to bring a leash, food and water for them. Does your dog not get along with other dogs? Check to see if anyone else is bringing a dog with them first.
  12. Be courteous to other riders on the trail. If they need help, help them out if possible.
  13. If someone in our group breaks down the trail ride will stop until we get them repaired. We will never leave someone behind. When you attend a ride be aware that it is always possible that someone may have bad luck and break their Jeep and stop the ride. Please be patient, it may be you next time!
  14. Be aware that a trail ride may take longer than planned due to breakage or unforeseen problems. Bring more food and water than you think you will need and be prepared to get home late.Safety always comes first. Please know your vehicle limitations and think of your safety and the safety of others before attempting that insane obstacle. We are on the trails to have a fun time, not to get hurt or total our Jeeps.
  15. When leaving the trail, make sure to leave extra distance between you and the next Jeep as the tires will throw rocks and mud, and have potential for damaging other Jeeps.

Basic Guide To Winching from Warn.